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May 02, 2007


Good on you (that's how you say it, isn't it?) for making such great contribution to the world. I come from a country that shows very little respect to this planet. Seems that the biggest movement ever has started against global warming with an previous vice president at the head. The movie is called An Inconvenient Truth. Hurricane Katrina has certainly opened a lot of eyes here and I believe more people are open to the idea of global warming. Here's hoping we as a country turn things around as we are one of the biggest culprits.

We still have stickbugs here, not near as many. Perhaps this summer I can capture one with the Canon. I have to agree with GB, I'm not much for a spider. I'm fine with them living, just not in my house!

Wow Meg even I feel proud of you! that is awesome! I LOVE THE NEW BANNER it is absoluttely awesome! Please leave it up for me than a week, I might have to keep coming back to gaze at it! Love looking at all your amazing images and cool bugs/insects/turtles, etc! gotta get to Fiji!

I'm not too thrilled with spiders either ... but the shots of the turtle and the birds are very cool. :)

I think you should leave the new banner!

ewwww yuck yuck yuck! blech!

thanks for the comments all. No one seems to appreciate spiders?!!!

OMGosh - do I appreciate the spider? Hmmm - NO! What I appreciate are your photos of the spider and that it looks so cool even though it'd - all the ones I see are curled up.

I thought the ad was very creatively done. I bet it's causing a major headache for them.

I forgot to say that I LOVE your banner and definitely think you should leave it up!

Righto! may have to edit the limited edition comment off the top of the banner and hope GB doesn't notice its still there then! The pukeko has now had 17,000 hits on u-tube apparently. Pass it on! Thanks for the comment Renee.

what a nice comment for such a great contributor! i myself am trying to do more in that way as well....just really makes you feel good inside! love seeing your pictures as always, and getting a glimpse into your life in figi...it's definitely a bit different than living in georgia, USA! my husband and i said we would love to go figi someday...who knows?
love your "new" banner too !

Thanks Cynthia, if you are ever planning to come Fiji then check out www.fiji-treasure.com or www.fiji-bounty.com !!

wow, these are all awesome I really like the hand with the turtle that is a great shot! You have beautiful unique views I love it!

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