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January 23, 2008


Yeah--you're back! Finally some pictures of heaven. Perfect timing considering it's 1 degree (-17 C) here today! Brrrr.

How cool!! I just came across your blog, you posted on Avery's (baby stroke steps) blog, and though you weren't speaking to me , I really appreciate the comment and advice you left. My daugher who is 13 months is a bit behind in developmental "milestones" and it can be hard sometimes. I sense her frustration and as a mom I want her to be able to do more, but also, I feel like other moms can be so competitive and judging- reading your thoughts cheered me up and made me realize how un-important their comparisons are! :) thanks!

Hey Meg!
glad to see you guys are doing ok and missing the cyclones so far! that word just scares me...i don't even like tornados around here! which leads me to how you ended up in Figi in the first place ? have you always lived there ? would love to know your story...Figi was always a place that my husband wanted to visit, you know, one of those things that you know will almost never happen, but it sure is nice to dream! and yes...it does sound like a dream place to visit...except for the cyclones!


Very glad to hear you made it through - sounds like a normal day in the Catlins!!!!!

Actually I fib - this year has been absolutely amazing down there - we definitely did the right thing!! Dolphins galore, seals, sealions, penguins, sun, sea sand, icecream...


Cynthia tornadoes are DEFINITELY INFINITELY scarier than cyclones! We haven't always lived here but DH has always been in hotels, which is what brought us over here. Its a lovely place to visit, such a cool culture.

Amanda- Jane (my sis) provided this reply for you "her comment does have a ring of authenticity...why else do the trees grow sideways there. And you're right, good day on a nice stormy beach, just what we're used to" -so they are at last coming over, took a decent storm to attract them (or as Jane called it "the most splendid storm!").

Thank you!

I hope you don't mind, but I pinched the image and sent it to my folks in NZ.

I think that Mum and Jessie met in the maternity home when I was born and Jessie was in there to give birth to Dan Jr. There - I gave away my age - if you know how old Dan Jr. is!

We visited I Tai many times. I remember one instance where my Dad and I went snorkelling, and Dad somehow stepped on one of those big black sea urchins and got one of the spines lodged in his foot. There was much hilarity back onshore as Aunty Jessie told Dad to pee on it so that it neutralised the poison! Uncle Dan was acting the goat (what's new?) one day and I must have been staring at him. He looked over and said, "Michele, stop staring at your grandfather like that!" which of course made everyone laugh as he's about the same age as my father.

Great memories.

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