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March 30, 2008


Very cool that you guys have done all those improvements on the island.

Melbourne went very dark at 8pm our time too.

BTW - we're coming to Fiji in June and will definitely have to catch up with you if poss.

I don't know why exactly, but these photos brought water to my eyes. Longing, I wonder? Hope?

Thanks Michele, TIR has really put a lot of time into reviewing its current situation and putting policy into trying to improve as well- but you know how it is, TIF and it still goes horribly wrong from time to time... more about the eco-policy is here: http://treasureislandresort.wordpress.com/

Would love to catch up when you come over, email me closer to the time.

Bah: that's funny as I read your blog for a wonderful escape from my reality!

nb we used the figures from the AUstralian Conservation Foundation to calculate the reduction in carbon emissions from the change to gas on demand hot water systems...

Hey Meg (it's Kylie from Beyond here). WOW - I think I want to come and live in Fiji - this from the girls who still hasn't been out of Australia!!!!!

they say Treasure is for "newly weds to nearly deads..." and everything in between of course, like the families. Its pretty relaxed and fun!

Never mind, I've never been to Australia!

Wow that looks like some kind of fun! doesnt' the lights being out and all the cool candles etc remind you of childhood? you know games hiding undr the bed or in the wardrobe! Sometimes I love it when the lights go out and everythng is so quiet and peaceful....no phone, tv, radio, or computer! Maybe I should fake blackouts in our house once a month...LOL!

Love the photo below too Meg! It does look stormy! and mysterious...like Secret Seven mystery island kind of shots! Can you tell I'm going through a walk down memory lane of my childhood phase right now! Thanks fro the images that bought some other moments back to mind too!

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