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March 16, 2008


What funny stories you tell, and your photos are fabulous. It can be very hot in the Mamanucas. We are having horrendous hot weather here in Geelong - 40 some days with nights at 25.

Haha - We were both too shell-shocked and weary from the shopping and climate change to comment on MH,or make dinner conversation.But yes, the food was great. And it was good experiencing the non-resort side to Fiji too (including the clothing shopping in Lautoka...)

Jeepers Wendy we would not survive more than one day at 40C, 32-35C and 70%+ humidity knocks me around enough. Anyone local wondering about the amazing clothes shop full of designer ware that Jane is referring to in Lautoka it is of course Value City (hehe... I dropped them off there while I went to the bank)...

Okay, I want you to buy me a Salwar Kameez. Burgundy and gold please. Or black & pink trim. Ah heck, I just want to see more of those glorious colours & patterns!!

ooh...the turtles look so cool! We were just at the pet store looking at them today - but Keaton is going to be beside himself with excitement if he ever gets to touch one of those big ones! The countdown is on - YAYAYAY!!!

Eating at MH - one of my favourite memories.

Grocery shopping with Mum on Saturday morning and then stopping in at the Suva MH milkbar for a chicken and lettuce sandwich and a vanilla milkshake. Have never tasted better in the years since!

Old Sir Maynard Hedstrom drove a red Rolls Royce - very flash for Fiji as the only other person we knew of who had a Rolls was the Queen who brought hers on the Britannia when she came to visit!

Laureen we have turtles that size and babies here at the moment too! NZM: MH food is pretty good. And I laughed at your story about the buses when you were kids- they haven't changed either (our kids have a riotous school bus)...

Love the stories lately! And how lucky for your family to visit you (even if it did rain a bit). I'm interested (and a bit scared!) to hear about the sea lice! Eek. ;)

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