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April 14, 2008


In Dubai we had what we called Hindlish signs - those written in English by the Indians.

"Parking in backside" was a favourite, and our office was on the "21th" floor of the building.

Sea lice - ugh - the bane of our Sunday trips to Mosquito Island off Suva. Many times we were driven from the water.

I learned to dive in NZ and after completing the course and doing a few too many freaking cold dives, I vowed to never dive in cold waters again. That is, until J came into my life and wanted to see what was under the NZ sea. Shudder...

So it was off to the Poor Knights, kitted out in 7mm full suits and into 12degC water. Beautiful scenery and the huge rays hovered like spacecraft, but waaaay too cold for me. Thank God that it cured J of the desire to dive in NZ!

Mmmm, kokoda!

BTW - does anyone actually use the pool on Beachcomber?

"Bah you'll be fine"

What the feck are ya trying to say???

Oh. Yeah.


oh wow!!! gorgeous shots of the underwater life!

What a beaut post. Snorkelling - I remember the first time for me was at Deuba and the water was very clear those days.
Your photos are fabulous.
Hey, collect some of those sayings. I like the one I see sometimes. Door alarmed. and on a Fiji blog 'dismentaled' instead of 'dismantled'.

Michele I think that pool is only used late at night. which is a bit of a worry...I was meant to learn to dive in Milford Sound!! but I failed the medical (I didn't realise you weren't allowed to be pregnant). They down there say they have quite a bit of trouble with "warm water divers"... lol Bah!... thanks Leah...

Wendy another I saw today was in front a group of linesmen (5 of them) and it said "Man working"!! I thought hmmm I know its Fiji but that's a bit harsh!! I also like how they use adjectives as verbs here like "can you off the light?"

Meg first of all I love your banner! second I love your photos and reading about your exotic life!
Thanks for sharing and your photos that are always inspiring!.

OMG...I LOVE your blog!! I could seriously sit here and read all night!!!

Wow, I'm so jealous! Your pictures are just yummy - snorkeling, gorgeous water...I'm cracking in the desert here - wanna host a photography workshop? ;)

Thanks Martha, Jamie and Ellen! Come visit anytime! Martha that banner was that exercise that Tony Bridge posted where you had to try a pano with yourself in it 4 or 5 times. I'm only in it twice. But my hubby said it could only be up for a week as it featured him. Luckily he doesn't actually read this!

Oh I adore your banner!! Wow such amazing photos! Made me feel like I was with you!!

The blog banner is great! I love how in the moment it is. Funny living life in the extremes, isn't it? It looks beautiful there... I'll trade you a snorkeling trip for the snow we got yesterday ;)

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