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June 11, 2008


Your photos are certainly superkalafragilisticexpialdotius!
Do you send photos to the travel magazines and write articles? You ought to, really. They are too good for blogs only. Weddings, parties, anything? In Fiji they are keen on videos for weddings, funerals, etc. but the ones made for our family rites of passage are filled with people preparing food or men making speeches, not close-ups and interviews with the main people!

so funny meg.

I like the new banner, but I like all you do. :)

Thanks Sarah and Wendy! Unfortunately

have no work permit, but i might get onto that this year...

Gratz on getting photoshop CS3...i heard adobe's coming out with a program specifically geared towards photographers...i think its called Lightbox. Check it out, might be of some use to you ;)

Lightroom Wilson? It's very cool and really speeds up reviewing and processing. I've got the trial, but it's expired and I can't pay online (because Adobe won't let me!!). I'll buy the full thing next time I'm in NZ...

Wendy: I can work in Aus and NZ of course!!

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