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January 16, 2009


I'm glad you can warm your face in the sun again! Thank goodness you're all safe. Here's hoping the clean-up goes smoothly.

Thanks Beccah. Your new photoblog looks good btw!

Great photos and story. Fiji news doesn't give the stuff I really want. Can I copy one of the pics (the busted road)? The local Donation in Kind guys want to see pics as they are going to fund-raise for Fiji and probably send containers. We just printed out bits from our blog to give them so far. It has been very hot today - over 40 degrees C but we went to the DIK depot and started sorting books to take our minds off the heat!

Oh gosh Meg, it looks just so sad! Sorry I didnt' hear from you before you headed back home, I know you were busy and I bet the time rushed by. Looking forward to catching up when you have more time on your hands, and hoping everything went okay?

I cant believe this! great pictures! craziness!

It suck whenever catastrophe happens in a beautiful reserved place.

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