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April 17, 2009


Oh Meggy! Politics can create so much mischief in friendships - one side, another side. Hey Graham's parents I knew well when they were in Lautoka, may years ago. Graham was a little kid then. (In fact we stayed in their house - when they were on leave - on the first day of our honeymoon! And they never knew. We had trouble with our Volkswagon so couldn't leave Lautoka so someone gave us the key to their house!) Graham gives one view; I have another. Okay, I like the way some of the papers are putting in 'nothing' stories this week.

My other favourite Fiji blogger! good to hear from you Wendy... as I said "It's not my place to say if I disagree or agree". It's good to get all views. and you're allowed to slap my wrist if you want! Nice story from Jonathan here: http://blog.oceanic.com.fj/oceanic_user_experiences_/2009/04/storytelling-caves-and-a-tabua-fiji-.html

make sure you're back blogging soon as you feel you can...

Edited Wendy! While we need our tourism I'm not a political commentator...

It's the same all over and I was sad to hear developments on UN etc this week, the Fijian people are so beautiful and it is an amazing place to holiday....guess we will have to all hang tight and ride this out.
GO ADAM...we want him to win! Love the black polish, strange hair, weekly surprises....and that voice!

Meg looks like you got competition for wedding shoots.


Thanks Mr Lam. I would suspect he charges A LOT more than I do! LOL

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