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May 15, 2009


Congrats on becoming legal - and employed!

In Dubai, we called it "Hinglish". My favorites were "not coming in Dubai" for "it isn't available here", and "enter through backside" meaning "enter the building at the back".

And don't worry about AK's accent - mine only comes back when I get together with other Fiji people!

J is even funnier - as soon as she starts talking to anyone in Dubai, she switches from her German one into an Arab accent!

LOL, great post Meg! I love "verbisms"...is that a new word too??? ....they are what keep life interesting! and the word generator totally rocks! REALLY..it does! ...you need to post it on Beyond! Must go do my blog, but I'm scared what the main word will be!
Hugs to you friend! and congrats on the "Pro" title

My favorite is when they are discussing something and its called a thing?
I spent so much time correcting John and Phillips finglish that i too now say 'off the light' and 'the thing' 'in the front' 'Thing bad' or 'man at work'! John can speak fijian, samoan, hindi. His mum french (Wallis and fortunan), fijian and samoan.

Ohh, this blog is really wonderful and stunning. Very nice blog!!!!! I like the door because i think the elegant doors always reflect a little of the personality of the homeowner. But not only the door should be identified with the preferences of individuals but all the parts of the house.


As the invasion begins, Corwin travels with the navy by sea but finds Caine waiting for him with a superior force.

grt post. Very informative and cvers almost everything for bloggers. This was the consolidation I was looking for. Thanks !!!!

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