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March 27, 2010


Fijian guavas are the best. I had guavas last week in Egypt and they look different and also don't taste as nice and aromatic than the Fijian ones.

I really have to hunt for them in the UK, only selected supermarkets sell them!

What an awesome post! And amazing will power to only eat one bite. :) I add less sugar, not no sugar, to my teas/lattes that require sugar (ie not the green tea stuff). So partly there.

ice cream looks yummy and delicious, though some kind of weird.

The color of the ice cream looks awesome and inviting, I thinks its delicious, the kids love it.

huh, not only chicken, but add the gluten thing that I should not have - how unfair is that !!!!!

Awesome post, great pics, fantastic voice from the tropics xx

I'm now staying away from chocolates and other sweets, since my dentists in Las Vegas told me that eating them can make me have more cavities. It kinda saddens me because I'm so addicted to sweets. But right now, my teeth are more important than my cravings. Thanks to my dentists in Las Vegas for helping me realizing this.

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