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January 31, 2008


Thank you for the informative post and the video which amazed me because people were walking about outside in the wind and rain! Perhaps your buildings were really strong and hurricane proof and no tin was flying about. I got the email this morning also. I'm glad to hear all is well there. Our nephew worked at Treasure for many years until his death a couple of years ago - he was in his 40s I think. Weseli his name was.

Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment. Yes/no, yes we are lucky the building are very solid here and were recently checked over by engineers too, no tin flying about and luckily no coconuts either! However the maintenance boys were told to go and get their hard hats on right after I went past, which they did, along with snorkelling masks from the marine shop to keep the driving rain out of their eyes. It looked too funny.

Milika (who is in the pink sulu with the sasa broom in the video) remembers your nephew and that he was from Vanua levu. She did say he was only young, and that his wife worked here also.

Hey Meg!

Will link this movie of yours, well entire blog I guess, to my blog. See:http://carinafiji-english.blogspot.com/
Hope that's ok

Please write soon
All good but cold in NZ. Only 20 degrees I think and windy

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