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June 30, 2008


And if they need a photographer in Montreal...

I can't speak English right now, let alone speak French. But I came to check it out.

Love the bnw. :)

thanks o sage one... the colour ones are gorgeous too. I'm glad of your comment because I was just thinking oh.... I should've posted the colour...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Where were you when we got married in Lautoka over 40 years ago! Probably not even a twinkle in a gentleman's eye! These are fabulous photos and reveal the human faces of the occasion so well.

Those were the days of film though Wendy! shudder!!!! I'm a lazy digi shooter! thanks for the lovely compliment!

these are so so wonderful, how nice to get a glimps into a day that seems like it was so full of emotion. Beautiful work Meg!!

Beautiful Meg! Love the emotion and the details! ....for some reason your blog got dumped out of my Feed...have reinstalled and now I can stalk you again, LOL!

Thanks Danna and Mands!

Mands I had a bad experience with feedburner, that's probably why you dropped out (my bad)...

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