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September 27, 2008


Good Lord!! That's crazy! And i had NO IDEA they did all this on instances like such! hmph! glad you had proof

oh my goodness, that sounds extreme man!

LOVING all that WINE!

You don't joke at airports with customs guys. When one fellow grabbed Peceli's peanut butter I said, 'So that's for breakfast tomorrow is it?' I immediately regretted it, but he just shrugged. My bags look like a dog's breakfast in the xray I am sure.
Re photos, I must do some of graffiti through train windows sometime as the train rushes by.

Funny story! enjoyed ths read Meg and loved the shots! Sorry I missed you this time around :-( I didnt' get up until you were on the plane! Oh the joy (and sorrow) of school holidays! You need to share who the online course is, sounds interesting! Hope you got home safe!

Weilei the customs guys - they're up there with LTA ><

About the wine...you weren't by any chance paid by the NZ supermarkets to promote them online? :P

wow Meg, interesting read! You're so smart to figure out all that proof...I would've been so flustered, I'm sure I somehow would've ended up paying the $800.00! I think if GB is getting a morning grope, you should be invoicing him!

Miss you lately...


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