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September 01, 2008


What a great photo op. Love the water reflection. Sorry you missed seeing Tony.

Great images Meg.

Re the sharpening with Typepad. I've noticed the same thing with my images on the Google Blogger platform. I don't think that it's a sharpening issue. I think that "they" are resizing the images to smaller sizes during the Upload process.

I'm not sure where Typepad stores (or you store) your blog images, but I've only noticed this since Google Blogger recently started using their own Picasa storage libraries for Blogger images instead of dedicated servers.

'Tis very annoying for image perfectionists who try their darndest to stop images from pixelating in the first place!

Beautiful, Meg. The knot of roots in the second-to-last image is my favorite.

The rest made me a bit dizzy, but that's a good thing. :-) I enjoyed them all, as usual.

Hope all is well in the Pacific. We're preparing for huge storms in the Atlantic.

just wanted to pop in to say that the photos are remarkable. have you tried filing a help ticket with TypePad support? they should be able to help you with the sharpening issue.

Thanks Heidi, m, b, and Ginerva! I have found typepad to really quick at answering help tickets and great at support. And I have a heap of resolved and closed tickets to prove it! But first I will read through the FAQ and comments on the new platform, and also work on a new action for saving for web as the old one is obviously past it's use by date for use here! I used to add just a little extra sharpening for web. I think I'll take that out and see how they look...

Taco one of the other photographers out with us actually turned one of those reflecting pics sideways! It was very freaky...

Whoa! Blown away-here from PW. New to all this bloggin!
Your site is so cool!

thanks Heidi, I like your blog too!

Wow, wow, wow! Amazing stuff. Fabulous. Most people just waste their filming on pretty ordinary run of the mill, but you girl, have got talent! Do you do National Geographic stories too?

Thanks Wendy (blushing)

Yahoooo I got the bloglines to work and then I come to check out all the posts I've missed and WOW I discover these! I love them, they are amazing Meg! you have such an eye for this work.

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