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September 24, 2008


I use google reader! :D

Other then that...is wedding photography your hobby or part time job?

We're getting married next year on the beach and we're only having 10 guests MAX!
Cannot wait!

Natasha that will be just beautiful... and Wilson are you from 1mmigration?? LOL! I've had a fair bit of training, but at the moment it's just a hobby that got out of hand (no work permit, send letters of protest to govt demanding I get a pink slip asap :p ).

There are SO many weddings in Fiji these days. When we were staying in a village near the Fijian resort, our host was a choirleader who took his beautifully attired choir to weddings almost every day! A bit of pocket money for village development.
But one funny thing happened in Nadi recently (I think) with a tour promotion group. A Methodist choir refused to sing on when they realised it was a fake wedding put on for the tour promoters and also involved two women!

Hi Meg, the photos look great and we're super happy for them to be up here for people to see. I wasnt exactly sure how well a two person ceremony would go, but it all turned out really well and the guys at Treasure really made it special - the small intimate ceremony really seemed to heighten the experience and focus on the fact that its a commitment between two people.
We loved it all so much that we're in the process now of organising a return trip in time for our first anniversary. No ceremony this time, but plenty of the sitting back and relaxing.

I personally like these photos very much Michael (and Sheree!), but it's great to know you liked them too. Look foward to seeing you on your next visit!

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