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November 18, 2008


Not sure if I would have loved or hated that??!?!?! Interesting for sure. I am a HUGE Becker fan too Meg.. love that guy...

Ah, that's great that they got married!

I think that you do have one of Mike - that's him standing next to Jackie in the 2nd shot?

Good to see the shots of Johannes too! We once went on a trip to an Oz event just out of Daylesford in Victoria together (I was the QBY rep and we sponsored Johannes to speak), and we had a great time. He's fun.

Uncle Bob the wedding photographer. Usually standing just behind the main photographer with his lens hitting their shoulder and their camera flash providing enough light to be seen from the moon.

Then we also have the "zealous boffins". These are usually the ones who come along to every event with camera gear dripping off their persona. They know all about f-stops and shutter speeds, but they can't take a photo to save themselves. :-)

Got your message. I'm revamping our template so that it contains a feed. Will let you know when it's a reality!

Fab images once again, Meg!

True NZM and well spotted! But that's about all I captured- side profiles, or Mike way in the distance... Zealous boffins, that's funny; I've seen them, I just didn't know the proper terminology!

Elma: Jackie said "It was interesting being on the other side of the camera" and also "Ruth, who was one of the guests said to us she had a camera and would take some shots for us, when we asked what type of camera, she said ‘pink’. So, anything goes, it’s the emotion and moment that matters to us."

It was a lovely wedding and Jackie and Mike looked amazing in their "glad rags"...

What's with the striped shirts, is this compulsory Uncle Bob wear as well, just to blend in ?. Love the Becker shot, he's great.

Caption suggestion "ooohhh, he's got a nice one" (or is that too immature? )

gosh, that is a lot of fire power in one place!
I love that first shot tho Meg, WOW doesn't even describe it, the tone, the moodiness, all perfect!

what fun! i'm a fan of becker's blog...noticed him right away! and i didn't know you could get his [b]school podcasts on itunes...i can't wait to download them!

More Hastie less speed ??????

More Hastie less speed ??????

Ha Ha your posts are always so funny! need you to write my blog! ....okay captions
"wonder if he knows that mine is bigger than his" and "If I shoot this just right, it will look like I"m shooting through some odd NZ native grasses"

I also have your Tony print to pick up! So will do that this week and get it mailed to you! He said he had a extra play with it, and it rocks even more now! Going to get mine framed!

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