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January 13, 2009


OMGosh Meg! That is just craziness! Wow!

It is Carrie, worst flood since 1972, and Nadi is stuffed. I would go in, but I don't want to risk getting stuck there for days... we are very lucky to be out here...

The rain! I wondered how Treasure and other island resorts are going. Can't believe tourists are still arriving and expecting sunshine. I remember 1972 which had serious hurricanes and floods - two babies in the family - cousins were nicknamed Bebe and Bibi that year, one of the kids my youngest! The floods are really a tragedy for Fiji as if the people don't have enough problems to contend with. We can't get through to our folks in Labasa, telephones down as expected. They are copping the brunt of it today. Sobosobo, and the guys are still singing 'I love the tropic isles of Fiji' as they welcome tourists!

Nadi is SO full of water Wendy, you and Peceli would be heartbroken. Hopefully the north doesn't get hit quite as bad. And the text forecast just through says... "Extrmly dangrous flood rains this aftnoon. Sqally NW winds to 75kmph. If safe 2 do so seek sheltr in hi grnd. Rain wont eze til l8" :(

Hi Meg,
It's me again. Not long after reading your posting I saw on our TV a lovely advertisement urging people to go to Fiji - to Treasure Island. It seemed odd in the circumstances, but of course another day, it will be perfect weather and things will gradually be cleaned up. We did get an email from our family in Labasa today. No work. Curfew tonight. Water around town.

I sat down at the computer assuming that when i replied it would be under my name and not realising it was logged in as "Treasure Island"! doh!!

Too funny seeing the ad. I hope it doesn't run right after a disaster story on the news or something (unlikely, unless it's late news...it's a qantas ad isn't it?). Really it's ok out here. But awful in town. and of course it's still raining. But we've had some absolutely out there sunsets, the whole sky glowing red. We feel very blessed to have come through so unscathed, touch wood...

I finally caught the news tonite Meg...and immediately came here to see if you were safe! Thank goodness, it looks terrible on the news out here, but good to hear you are safe and well! Email if you need anything!

A fun day, a fun day!

God helps those who help themselves.

We can;t stop these seasons. At least there are times were everyone can enjoy the place.

Very, very nicely done!

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

Love those! I enjoy following your posts on facebook and rss!

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