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July 13, 2009


Yaaay I'm from Udu! :P Udu represent XD

Oh I'm looking forward to seeing these. It's over thirty years since I was last there and the airport was a tiny two-roomed wooden building then. It seems a shame that you feel that you can't post great pics if they include children.

Stunning! Vanua Levu is like another country when compared to Viti Levu.

I've always dreamt of seeing Fiji, and only through you can I do that! That aerial landscape is aweseome.

As far as your people shots...you always manage to capture such a depth of humanity and emotion. How do you do it??

The photos are lovely. To get a glimpse of it even in photos makes one feel they are back in the country. Fiji will always be close to our hearts.

Bula sia! A tripa to Labasa and Udu eh - well Labasa town area is built upon a swamp so sometimes it does get flooded - but the people are mostly generous and smiling. I like the photo of the two women standing around a post at the airport. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos.

Bula I'm from Labasa and looking at these photos make me home sick. Thank you for awesome photographic.

I actually know the standing to the right in your photo! We stayed on Vorovoro 10 weeks this past year, and are returning in a couple months to lead the project next year. Great photos!!

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