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August 17, 2009


Daaaammmnnn....you make me want to visit my village in Udu now :(


Just noticed the site upgrade - nice! ^_^ Would have been nice if you replaced your site banner with one of the many awesome pics you've taken ;)

Thanks Wilson! I'm working on that banner.....

love it meg!

Hoorah for Labasa and Udu! Peceli is currently in Labasa for two weeks but he left 'my' camera back in Suva! You say Labasa is clean - well, that's nice to hear as the cane-rucks rumble past the shops. I laughed at a news-story that $70,000 will be spent on street paving in Labasa which will attract the tourists! I think smiles would be better than more cement!

I love the picture of the man in the boat. Nice !

Awesome work Meg :-)

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