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September 02, 2009


Hi Meg the shiny builiding with the weird angles is Tappoo city suva. I did a proposal well 7 -10 on level 4 food court. Which they then moved onto i think the umpteenth architect, not my fault of course.
Dont you think that Mh looks a little VENICE? Well old building and grubby polluted water? No?
I hated Suva my first trip. Like you i went for a few hours, stupidly on a sunday so nothing was barely open.
Saturday and business days is mayhem and busy! There are some cool niche areas! Like Nadi and some not so cool. Overall its more westernised than Nadi i feel and has a lot more greater Architectural sites esp. the old colonial buildings.
Glad you had fun and great shots!!!

Ever so slightly disappointed that you didn't look us (Lunch in Suva) up.

Whilst we appreciate the sentiment, we never did have much street cred to begin with ... and we could have used some tips on photography: your photos kick our photos' behind any day.

And here's a street map of Suva for your future reference

great map!!! just needs more details around Laucala beach, but yes, now I'm starting to understand... also I can see which way my friend Lala went when she headed off into the darkness one night when I was following her towards the school...

Lunch next time then ! (in 3 years at my current rate of visits) but I probably also owe Wilson for referencing his blog all the time (ah yes, and Albie for stealing his cartoons)...

We should have a blog meet up ^_^

Love the look of the new blog Meg. Great pictures from your corner of the world.

Always love seeing what you're up to Meg! Such a beautiful world we live in!

Wow, great photos...... So much to see out there!

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